Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gregory Siff "There + Back"

On March 1st, street artist Gregory Siff decided he wasn't gonna have an average gallery show. Instead he put together a monstrous collection of work including a 5 layer installation, a two part mural(out front)as well as a gigantic assortment of wall art and novelty pieces, brought them to the roof top of Siren Studios and put on one of the most awe inspiring art exhibits in town. 

The show also helped benefit Communities in Schools, a local charity that ensures that students are on the right path to a proper education. Gregory collaborated with students from Venice High School to make a bunch of small piece that were installed on a wall as part of the show. All of the pieces were on sale for $5.00 and 100% of the proceeds went to benefiting the charity as well as a portion of the sales of the other pieces on display that evening.

Being one of the fastest growing artists as well as one of the nicest people in the game made it no surprise that there was a line out the door from open to close. When you made it up to the roof top, it was packed with spectators trying to get a look at the artists work. 

Tremendous show from a great artist and a truly generous person.

The folks at The Site Unscene were generous enough to allow me to come hang out a few days before the show and take some pictures of Gregory putting the final touches on some of the pieces. A special thanks to The Site Unscene peeps! You guys are amazing and I regret not trying the lasagna!


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